Historic and Listed Buildings

We provide specialist care and repair of old, listed and historic buildings.

Our team are skilled in the use of traditional materials, using modern and traditional techniques.

  • Lime work
  • Conversions
  • Contemporary
  • House Restoration

Lime work

We have expertise in using lime from working on listed and historic buildings. This includes, lime pointing, plastering, rendering and lime floor construction


We have experience in converting various types of buildings including, agricultural barns into housing. We have a understanding in the challenges and planning issues that come with these projects.


We have the knowledge and experience in being able to carry out new contemporary designed builds to a existing building or new build.

House Restoration

We have expert tradesman who can offer a wide range of skills in order to fully restore your house. These tradesman include, joiners, masons, carpenters, decorators, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, tilers. All our tradesman work to the highest standards.